About This Idiot

I am writing a book. I have never written one before. I have no idea how to write or market one. I have no idea what this book will be about. But I figure I’d chronicle my (mis)adventures in writing so someone, somewhere won’t make the same mistakes I did.



A little about me. I’m Mike.  I move furniture for a living (I told you I was an idiot). I started this blog because I broke my foot on the job and I’d like to add “Failed Author” on my resume. In addition to moving furniture:

  • I am happily married.
  • I have failed as an tech entrepreneur.
  • I was a geometry teacher. But I quit after a year to move furniture. Yes teaching is that hard.
  • I live in a fishing town…and I love it.

Anything you would like to know, just ask.


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