Free Writing Example

Ok, second post of the day. But this has to with my fist post about brainstorming my book, or more specifically, the free writing process.

I just did my first free-write since 10th grade. And wow, does it ever help. I’m going to share it so you can see what I did.

The only editing I did of the process was egregious spelling errors. Everything else is as is.

Here it is:

Theme: Dystopia
Time: 10 minutes


the world is coming to an end unless we do something about it. I don’t know what could possibly be done as the odds against winning are insurmountable. Why are the leaders of this world convinced that they are flawless. I hate them, I want them dead. I want them to have their comeuppance. It’s weird how they don’t seem to understand us. This world sucks, it’s time for a new one.

Time to start something else about dystopia. Orwell nailed his version. He was able to take the little scraps of evidence about his society and extrapolate them out into accurate future visions. what are the little scraps of evidence today that will lead to a dystopic future. Media and the shortsightedness of the debate. Stagnation in our government. Greed, although greed will aways be there. So why was greed less predominant in other societies. Is it the culture, the political mechanism in place. The people that the culture fosters. I’m not sure. Or is it nepotism. It seems like having a huge safety net for the rich propels societies’ leaders to be completely disassociated with the governed class. Maybe a lack of regulation is the weatlthy’s safety net. Do they know that? Do they know the underpinnings of unchecked capitalism? Do they know that every ism is self-destructive? Maybe the solution is to change the argument. I mean, everyone wants to get rich, right? Everyone wants a better life. And people can only imagine a better life by seeing actual examples of it. So they know what to work for. But if that vehicle to become rich is not there, what’s the point? Or better said, if the way one becomes rich simply isn’t an option anymore, doesn’t one need to see that fact. How do you materialize a way to show people that you live in dystopia, you have no shot, you need to change things. It’s about showing the example.


The beginning is garbage. But I got some great ideas flowing towards the end.

I’ll be doing this daily!


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